Corporate Bootcamp

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If you're part of a company then Peak Fitness has got two great options for you!


Corporate Memberships

If you and a group of your work friends want to smash your goals the right way then look no further! You'll not only have corporate rates to the Bootcamp, but you'll also have the optional extras of Peak Fitness Coaches coming to your work place every month to carry out wellness checks. Making sure you get all the support you need, greater productivity and health in your workplace, plus, a little time away from work!

To qualify for this membership you'll need a minimum of 10 members, so get asking around the office! 

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Team Building Bootcamp

Are you tired of doing the same old team building events? We've got you covered!

Peak Fitness Team Building Workouts will put your workforce through a fantastic, highly energised 60 minutes where you'll be working together in many different ways. You could rattle through the time in pairs, small groups or even one big team!

If you have a suitable venue then we can come to you or you can make your way to one of our 3 venues.

In this time we will test your strength, speed, stamina and smarts as you tackle the tasks we lay out for you. It's suitable for all fitness ranges so no need to worry there!

Not only will it bring you together as a team, you'll be doing wonders for your health and fitness too! Oh, and we will be back to re-test you 3 months later to make sure you're improving.

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